Grey Anatomy

yang: you are my person grey : I am yang: ya whatever grey: whatever yang: he dumped me * grey hugs yang* yang: you know this considered hugging grey: shut up I’m your person Advertisements

Home ?

I am home from my college for a mouth…. I don’t know how to feel free about everything. I am home but home isn’t here for me. I feel more home at college then I feel here but I miss home at the same time….idk

8 AM- final exam

Fuck you world history for making my final at 8am today all I wat to do is past the fuck out and die

gun control

I am college student going to become a high school teacher. I think gun control is wrong. Why? because I would like to be able to protect my students for an active shoot in the school. A gun doesn’t kill anyone it didn’t just fire it self. A person with a gun killed a person. Yes…

how can I let you go?

you gave me some much….. you gave me hopes and dreams. You gave something I never had before…. I gave you something that I thought I won’t ever give away.  I opened up my heart and let you into my little cycle. Into my hopes my dreams and my life. I hate you for leaving…

I don’t know what to think

I like you……..but really in true do I or do I you just like because I like to chase and if I get you would I stay. Really in true I have no changes what so ever with because I think you like a different girl but I real don’t about that all…… this so wired…


when you fall sleep in the tv room and the guy like wake up with a belt……..

world history sucks

I fucking hate world history….. I’m a science major and I’m in world history kill me just kill me


So I will properly not be post this week

I miss sex

I really could use some sex right because finals. Would really like to have some fun but I’m not a whore :(.

NCIS is awesome

kate: -screams- Addy: “you ok?” kate: Gibbs is driving Addy: I say a prayer for you in many languages