I have dateish today

I meet this guy off tinder. Don’t look at me like that I meet and I know it only been week. But I haven’t cry sends it happen and I can’t wait to meet him :). Advertisements

the “friend”

So last night we didnt do anything he just hold me and we watch a movie. I don’t know how to feel about any thing because I like him but idk what im doing

well I have a friends with beatifies

I meet this guy were going to call him “the friend”. So I meet him online ik dont give me that look. He really nices he has hazl eyes that are really pretty. I slept with him two times already and hes fucking awesome. He has a big dick it big then what I have…

Sometimes I do stupid things I

So for the sake of my privacy of and for everyone else I write about I will not be using really names. So I guess I have to give you guys a little be of a back story to me and blast from the past asshole. The short story is that he and I have been on…