I thought I found it

I meet this guy about 3ish mouths ago. Our first date was hiking up this motion call sugarloaf there. It one of my favorite hikes. It the day when really well. We talk and got to know each other really well. The second date was to Mexican restored which is one of my favorite. The date when really well also well. Also when it came time for the bill he wouldn’t let me look at ( I feel the need to explain that I am a very independent… so I don’t like to be take care of but I like to take care of other people). Then there was our third date where I when to his home and cook for me. That date end with kissing and he ask me out the next day over text ( red flag…… that didn’t think mattered). I there was one more date that we just spend cuddling. Then there was Christmas party that he asked me to go to with him that was wired but fun. I also spend the night at his place that night. It when to second base and a half ( trusted me the half is needed). Then I was leaving to go on my Christmas break which was about a month. That month was the longest month ever I thought it would never be over. Then when I got back I couldn’t see him for about another week because I justed had too much going on but when I did get to see him. It was awesome. We had sex for the first time. It was first good sex I had in some time. Then around Thursday that week, he stops texting me. I had no clue what was going on.  I didn’t hear anything for about week so I at that point I texted him say that if I didn’t hear from him by Saturday at midnight I was walking a way. Then Saturday came and he texted me. The text read: “I’m sorry for not replying and not talking to you. I start thinking and I don’t want to talk it’s how I am. You are right, you do deserve better than anything I can ever give you. I just don’t feel we will make it in the long run. I’m sorry to have wasted your time. ” At the time I didn’t know how to feel or want to say. My friend where worry I would chase after him but I didn’t. I kind just let him go. I only cry once and that was it. I think that has something to with fact that I had an exam on Tuesday. Which is today and still don’t know. This first break up that moment it was like a weight had left off my shoulder. Like I do have to worry about it anymore. Is that normal??


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