Sometimes I do stupid things I

So for the sake of my privacy of and for everyone else I write about I will not be using really names.

So I guess I have to give you guys a little be of a back story to me and blast from the past asshole. The short story is that he and I have been on and off sends my sophomore year of high school. There longer story but all need to know for this story is that doing my senior year we were together but we weren’t public and when i asked him to be he said have fun at college. Needless to say we stopped talking. Then just for shit and giggles I texted him and we start talk again. (side note I texted because I was newly single and find out how that happen when The First comes out when I’m already to talk about it and also there will be the one night stand that will come out to) So we stated talk about how we missed each. I said I would be home the week of Thanksgiving and He said he has Monday off so we agree to meet up. So on Monday I end up at his apartment with him. So I said I I missed you. He said that he missed me too. Then he kissed me and well it when down hill from there or you could say up hill.  We started to “watch” a movie. He cuddle with me and then we were kissing then my clothes came off and we had sex.

Now let talk about the sex. He was good but at the same time I only came two times. Wich is pretty good, but I had better. But he was really and I mean really  good at giving head. So he made up for it in the end.

So we also talked about getting back together. I said I didn’t what a relationship right now but I did say I was open to the relationship.

This was the first  somtimes I do stupid things




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