I have dateish today

I meet this guy off tinder. Don’t look at me like that I meet and I know it only been week. But I haven’t cry sends it happen and I can’t wait to meet him :). Advertisements

I thought I found it

I meet this guy about 3ish mouths ago. Our first date was hiking up this motion call sugarloaf there. It one of my favorite hikes. It the day when really well. We talk and got to know each other really well. The second date was to Mexican restored which is one of my favorite. The…

the “friend”

So last night we didnt do anything he just hold me and we watch a movie. I don’t know how to feel about any thing because I like him but idk what im doing

well I have a friends with beatifies

I meet this guy were going to call him “the friend”. So I meet him online ik dont give me that look. He really nices he has hazl eyes that are really pretty. I slept with him two times already and hes fucking awesome. He has a big dick it big then what I have…

BI 111 is going to kill me

So I’m taking a biology class this semester………..I love bio I’m really good at so I’m like I got this in the bag……………… yeah that what I thought…………. it been one week in and I was droding in homework kill now just end this way I’m still a  human not doing homework all fucking time human being

New Semter

New Semester…. new roommate, new class. I don’t what to think right but I’ll make it some how

Leaving to go back

On Thursday, I’m going back to college…. it’s 9-hour drive. I don’t know how to feel leave home is so weird now because I don’t really have a home anymore, no permanent address, and nowhere to go to….this mid way between be an adult and being kid. They call being a young adult and it fucking…

I what to move on but I can’t

I what to move be in love again. I what to next relationship to be my last. I don’t know why. I’m only 18 years old I got my whole life a life ahead of me and I don’t what to what to play games anymore. I did it all. I had my first time…

I got a C

I got a C in world history.I got a C in world history.I got a C in world history.I got a C in world history.I got a C in world history.

if this were a movie…

If this were a movie you would have come running back. If this were a movie I would be in your arms. If this were a movie you I would still fall asleep at night with your are protect from my nightmares.If this were a movie you would have never left me crying. If this…